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  • 1. Aartsen, M. G.
    et al.
    Abbasi, R.
    Abdou, Y.
    Ackermann, M.
    Adams, J.
    Aguitar, J. A.
    Alders, M.
    Altmann, D.
    Auffetibery, J.
    Bai, X.
    Baker, M.
    Barwick, S. W.
    Baum, V.
    Bay, R.
    Beatty, J. J.
    Bechet, S.
    Tjus, J. B.
    Becker, K. H.
    Benabderrahmane, M. L.
    BenZvi, S.
    Berghaus, P.
    Berley, D.
    Bernardini, E.
    Bernhard, A.
    Bertrand, D.
    Besson, D. Z.
    Binder, G.
    Bindig, D.
    Bissok, M.
    Blaufuss, E.
    Blumenthal, J.
    Boersma, D. J.
    Boliaichuk, S.
    Bohm, C.
    Bose, D.
    Boeser, S.
    Botner, O.
    Brayeur, L.
    Bretz, H. P.
    Brown, A. M.
    Bruijn, R.
    Brunner, J.
    Carson, M.
    Casey, J.
    Casier, M.
    Chirkin, D.
    Christov, A.
    Christy, B.
    Clark, K.
    Cleverrnann, F.
    Coenders, S.
    Cohen, S.
    Cowen, D. F.
    Silva, A. H. C.
    Danninger, M.
    Daughhetee, J.
    Davis, J. C.
    Day, M.
    De Clercq, C.
    De Ridder, S.
    Desiati, P.
    de Vries, K. D.
    de With, M.
    DeYoung, T.
    Diaz-Velez, J. C.
    Dunkman, M.
    Eagan, R.
    Eberhardt, B.
    Eichmann, B.
    Eisch, J.
    Ellsworth, R. W.
    Euler, S.
    Evenson, P. A.
    Fadiran, O.
    Fazely, A. R.
    Fedynitch, A.
    Feinzeig, J.
    Feusels, T.
    Filimonov, K.
    Finley, C.
    Fischer-Wasels, T.
    Flis, S.
    Franckowiak, A.
    Frantzen, K.
    Fuchs, T.
    Gaisser, T. K.
    Gallagher, J.
    Gerhardt, L.
    Gladstone, L.
    Glusenkamp, T.
    Goldschmidt, A.
    Golup, G.
    Gonzalez, J. G.
    Goodman, J. A.
    Gora, D.
    Grandmont, D. T.
    Grant, D.
    Gross, A.
    Ha, C.
    Ismail, A. H.
    Hallen, P.
    Hallgren, A.
    Halzen, F.
    Hanson, K.
    Heerernan, D.
    Heinen, D.
    Helbing, K.
    Hellauer, R.
    Hickford, S.
    Hill, G. C.
    Hoffman, K. D.
    Hoffmann, R.
    Homeier, A.
    Hoshina, K.
    Huelsnitz, W.
    Hulth, P. O.
    Hultqvist, K.
    Hussain, S.
    Ishihara, A.
    Jacobi, E.
    Jacobsen, J.
    Jagielski, K.
    Japaridze, G. S.
    Jero, K.
    Jlelati, O.
    Kaminsky, B.
    Kappes, A.
    Karg, T.
    Karle, A.
    Kelley, J. L.
    Kiryluk, J.
    Klas, J.
    Klein, S. R.
    Koohne, J. H.
    Kohnen, C.
    Kolanoski, H.
    Koepke, L.
    Kopper, C.
    Kopper, S.
    Koskinen, D. J.
    Kowalski, M.
    Krasberg, M.
    Krings, K.
    Kroll, G.
    Kunnen, J.
    Kurahashi, N.
    Kowabara, T.
    Labare, M.
    Landsman, H.
    Larson, M. J.
    Lesiak-Bzdak, M.
    Leuermann, M.
    Leute, J.
    Lunemann, J.
    Madsen, J.
    Maggi, G.
    Maruyama, R.
    Mase, K.
    Matis, H. S.
    McNally, F.
    Meagher, K.
    Merck, M.
    Meures, T.
    Miarecki, S.
    Middell, E.
    Milke, N.
    Miller, J.
    Mohrmann, L.
    Montaruli, T.
    Morse, R.
    Nahnhauer, R.
    Naumann, U.
    Niederhausen, H.
    Nowicki, S. C.
    Nygren, D. R.
    Obertacke, A.
    Odrowski, S.
    Olivas, A.
    O'Murchadha, A.
    Paul, L.
    Pepper, J. A.
    de los Heros, C. P.
    Pfendner, C.
    Pieloth, D.
    Pinat, E.
    Posselt, J.
    Price, P. B.
    Przybylski, G. T.
    Radel, L.
    Rameez, M.
    Rawlins, K.
    Redl, P.
    Reimann, R.
    Resconi, E.
    Rhode, W.
    Ribordy, M.
    Richman, M.
    Riedel, B.
    Rodrigues, J. P.
    Rott, C.
    Ruhe, T.
    Ruzybayev, B.
    Ryckbosch, D.
    Saba, S. M.
    Salameh, T.
    Sander, H. G.
    Santander, M.
    Sarkar, S.
    Schatto, K.
    Scheriau, F.
    Schmidt, T.
    Schmitz, M.
    Schoenen, S.
    Schoneberg, S.
    Schonwald, A.
    Schokraft, A.
    Schulte, L.
    Schulz, O.
    Seckel, D.
    Sestayo, Y.
    Seunarine, S.
    Shanidze, R.
    Sheremata, C.
    Smith, M. W. E.
    Soldin, D.
    Spiczak, G. A.
    Spiering, C.
    Stamatikos, M.
    Stanev, T.
    Stasik, A.
    Stezelberger, T.
    Stokstad, R. G.
    Stossl, A.
    Strahler, E. A.
    Strom, R.
    Sullivan, G. W.
    Taavola, H.
    Taboada, I.
    Tamburro, A.
    Tepe, A.
    Ter-Antonyan, S.
    Tesic, G.
    Tilav, S.
    Toale, P. A.
    Toscana, S.
    Unger, E.
    Usner, M.
    van Eijndhoven, N.
    Van Overloop, A.
    van Santen, J.
    Vehring, M.
    Voge, M.
    Vraeghe, M.
    Walck, C.
    Waldenmaier, T.
    Wallraff, M.
    Weaver, C.
    Wellons, M.
    Wendt, C.
    Westerhoff, S.
    Whitehorn, N.
    Wiebe, K.
    Wiebusch, C. H.
    Williams, D. R.
    Wissing, H.
    Wolf, M.
    Wood, T. R.
    Woschnagg, K.
    Xu, D. L.
    Xu, X. W.
    Yanez, J. P.
    Yodh, G.
    Yoshida, S.
    Zarzhitsky, P.
    Ziemann, J.
    Zierke, S.
    Zoll, M.
    IceCube, Collaboration
    Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the IceCube Detector2013In: Science, ISSN 0036-8075, E-ISSN 1095-9203, Vol. 342Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    We report on results of an all-sky search for high-energy neutrino events interacting within the IceCube neutrino detector conducted between May 2010 and May 2012. The search follows up on the previous detection of two PeV neutrino events, with improved sensitivity and extended energy coverage down to about 30 TeV. Twenty-six additional events were observed, substantially more than expected from atmospheric backgrounds. Combined, both searches reject a purely atmospheric origin for the 28 events at the 4 sigma level. These 28 events, which include the highest energy neutrinos ever observed, have flavors, directions, and energies inconsistent with those expected from the atmospheric muon and neutrino backgrounds. These properties are, however, consistent with generic predictions for an additional component of extraterrestrial origin.

  • 2. Alsos, Inger Greve
    et al.
    Eidesen, Pernille Bronken
    Ehrich, Dorothee
    Skrede, Inger
    Westergaard, Kristine
    Jacobsen, Gro Hilde
    Landvik, Jon Y.
    Taberlet, Pierre
    Brochmann, Christian
    Frequent long-distance plant colonization in the changing Arctic2007In: Science, ISSN 0036-8075, E-ISSN 1095-9203, Vol. 316, no 5831, p. 1606-1609Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    The ability of species to track their ecological niche after climate change is a major source of uncertainty in predicting their future distribution. By analyzing DNA fingerprinting ( amplified fragment-length polymorphism) of nine plant species, we show that long-distance colonization of a remote arctic archipelago, Svalbard, has occurred repeatedly and from several source regions. Propagules are likely carried by wind and drifting sea ice. The genetic effect of restricted colonization was strongly correlated with the temperature requirements of the species, indicating that establishment limits distribution more than dispersal. Thus, it may be appropriate to assume unlimited dispersal when predicting long-term range shifts in the Arctic.

  • 3. Couzin, Jennifer
    Opening doors to native knowledge2007In: Science, ISSN 0036-8075, E-ISSN 1095-9203, Vol. 315, no 5818, p. 1518-1519Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    As climate change sweeps through the Arctic, decades-old divisions between the indigenous people who live there and the scientists who parachute in and out are slowly dissolving. Projects that draw on traditional knowledge of animal migrations, ice patterns, shrubbery, and weather are popping up from Baffin Island, Canada, to Rovaniemi, Finland. The goal is to use local information, about the health of individual caribou or about whales killed by hunters-to supplement and enrich scientific data, such as sea-ice or vegetation changes.

  • 4. Funder, S
    et al.
    Goose, H
    Jepsen, H
    Kaas, E
    Kjær, K H
    Korsgaard, N J
    Larsen, N K
    Linderson, Hans
    Lyså, A
    Möller, Per
    Olsen, J
    Willerslev., E
    A 10,000-year record of Arctic Ocean sea-ice variability - view from the Beach2011In: Science, ISSN 0036-8075, E-ISSN 1095-9203, Vol. 333, no 747, p. 747-750Article in journal (Refereed)
  • 5. Muheim, Rachel
    et al.
    Phillips, John B.
    Akesson, Susanne
    Polarized light cues underlie compass calibration in migratory songbirds2006In: Science, ISSN 0036-8075, E-ISSN 1095-9203, Vol. 313, no 5788, p. 837-839Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Migratory songbirds use the geomagnetic field, stars, the Sun, and polarized light patterns to determine their migratory direction. To prevent navigational errors, it is necessary to calibrate all of these compass systems to a common reference. We show that migratory Savannah sparrows use polarized light cues from the region of sky near the horizon to recalibrate the magnetic compass at both sunrise and sunset. We suggest that skylight polarization patterns are used to derive an absolute (i.e., geographic) directional system that provides the primary calibration reference for all of the compasses of migratory songbirds.

  • 6. Osborn, Timothy J.
    et al.
    Briffa, Keith R.
    The Spatial Extent of 20th-Century Warmth in the Context of the Past 1200 Years2006In: Science, ISSN 0036-8075, E-ISSN 1095-9203, Vol. 311, no 5762, p. 841-844Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Periods of widespread warmth or cold are identified by positive or negative deviations that are synchronous across a number of temperature-sensitive proxy records drawn from the Northern Hemisphere. The most significant and longest duration feature during the last 1200 years is the geographical extent of warmth in the middle to late 20th century. Positive anomalies during 890 to 1170 and negative anomalies during 1580 to 1850 are consistent with the concepts of a Medieval Warm Period and a Little Ice Age, but comparison with instrumental temperatures shows the spatial extent of recent warmth to be of greater significance than that during the medieval period.

  • 7. Shakhova, Natalia
    et al.
    Semiletov, Igor
    Salyuk, Anatoly
    Yusupov, Vladimir
    Kosmach, Denis
    Gustafsson, Orjan
    Extensive Methane Venting to the Atmosphere from Sediments of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf2010In: Science, ISSN 0036-8075, E-ISSN 1095-9203, Vol. 327, no 5970, p. 1246-1250Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Remobilization to the atmosphere of only a small fraction of the methane held in East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) sediments could trigger abrupt climate warming, yet it is believed that sub-sea permafrost acts as a lid to keep this shallow methane reservoir in place. Here, we show that more than 5000 at-sea observations of dissolved methane demonstrates that greater than 80% of ESAS bottom waters and greater than 50% of surface waters are supersaturated with methane regarding to the atmosphere. The current atmospheric venting flux, which is composed of a diffusive component and a gradual ebullition component, is on par with previous estimates of methane venting from the entire World Ocean. Leakage of methane through shallow ESAS waters needs to be considered in interactions between the biogeosphere and a warming Arctic climate.

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